PowerMetal Technologies Inc.

About PowerMetal Technologies Inc.

PowerMetal Technologies is a leading high-performance component supplier of nanomaterials to the billion dollar sporting goods and consumer products industries.  PowerMetal has an extensive intellectual property portfolio with worldwide patents that protect both products and processes exclusively licensed from Integran Technologies, Inc.

PowerMetal partners with industry leaders to design and develop nanometal components with unique properties that enable sporting goods companies to create breakthrough products which significantly enhance product performance.  Based in Carlsbad, California, PowerMetal is a privately held corporation backed by private and venture capital funding.

Today, PowerMetal clients benefit from a high tech legacy of innovation and a multi-million dollar investment to service the Nuclear Power and Defense Industries, arguably among the most demanding industrial applications in the world for advanced materials.

What we do: 

  • Commercialize nanotechnology
  • Create innovative products using nanometals
  • Research, design and test high-performance nanometals
  • Manufacture nanometal components
  • Supply sporting goods and consumer product companies
  • Partner with leading global brands
  • Keep our clients one step ahead of the competition