PowerMetal Technologies Inc.

About PowerMetal Technologies Inc.


PowerMetal’s nanometals can be nanofused to a light weight substrate and used to cost-effectively produce micro- or macro-scale complex components.

  • Multiple finished forms to produce near net shape components
  • Bottom-up manufacturing is cost-efficient
  • Multiple, custom alloys for high performance applications

What makes this material class unique is that unprecedented sporting
goods component design flexibility can be achieved because of the inherent
shape flexibility of net-shape manufacturing. The material can be formed
into a myriad of shapes, which are simply dependent upon the shape of
the substrate onto which the nanometal is deposited. In addition, the
material can be nanofused to metal, graphite/epoxy composites,
plastics - even wood - and can achieve material thickness distributions
unattainable with conventionally processed metals. It may even be used
to bond entirely dissimilar materials.